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Every aspect of Greening Education is founded on integrity, transparency and a commitment to excellence. Our 100% track record of successfully delivering appointments first time speaks for itself.

Education is increasingly seen by governments as a major contributor to national wealth and economic development. With an ever more competitive external environment and the need to maintain global relevance, education is ripe for revolution. With the growth of independent schools and global partnerships with governments, NGOs, industry and universities, not least in emerging economies, today’s international education landscape is vast with numerous possibilities. Never has the world been smaller in terms of choice and opportunity for school and university students, and institutions are re-thinking the way they do everything to earn world-class status.

Nothing is off the table – curriculum, finance, facilities and estate, governance, technology and pastoral care are all being scrutinised by parents, regulators, investors, governors and trustees. The leaders who are appointed to deliver this revolution are key to an institution’s reputation and success.  At Greening Education, we thrive on our ability to identify and deliver exceptional, world-class leaders who can create and realise ambitious visions for our client institutions.

Greening Education’s expertise extends around the globe and yet we maintain a highly personal, individualised approach, treating every single candidate with respect and courtesy and taking our responsibilities as our clients’ envoy very seriously indeed.

Our experienced team brings innovation and fresh thinking to challenge and enhance traditional search methods, respecting the ethos and values of your establishment whilst at the same time equipping you with the talent necessary to remain competitive in an increasingly challenging, ever-changing, international marketplace.  

By investing time in understanding your organisation’s unique strategic challenges and opportunities, you can be confident in our ability to present you with impressive short-lists, enabling you to make inspiring appointments which fit perfectly into your organisational culture.