FinTech & AI

Business Transformation, HPC, AI & Cybersecurity

Greenings connects you to cross-sector, internationally experienced leaders capable of delivering digital transformation and enablement. From internal re-engineering of working practices to external market facing customer innovation through Digital, AI, Simulation and Robotics, we access, validate and deliver the most appropriate talent to your business.

Digital Transformation, Simulation, AI and Cybersecurity are fundamentally changing all businesses, regardless of sector, affecting how we operate, interact with and deliver value to our customers. Greenings partners with some of the world’s leading organisations in Financial Services, HPC, Insurance, Sport and Entertainment, Telecommunications and Travel, where the use of creative digital and data solutions is revolutionising the consumer experience and offering almost limitless possibilities for driving efficiencies and new channel growth.

In this rapidly evolving market where innovation, customer insights and agility are paramount, a very different kind of leadership is required and securing the right skills and experience for your business is critical to remaining relevant, competitive and secure. For ambitious organisations, securing the best Talent is their greatest challenge.

“I have appreciated the insight Greenings can provide on both sides of the Atlantic. Their strategic knowledge of the Emerging Payments space, combined with their ability to make discreet introductions to companies and key executives, has been invaluable”

Patricia Kemp, Co-Founder & Managing Partner FinTech, OAK HC/FT